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When I was a teenager I didn't fit in anywhere, or so it seemed, I literally did anything to fit in and try to belong. I made some real poor decisions and am still trying to pull myself back up. Now that I have two daughters of my own I am terrified that they are going to fall into some of the same patterns. I know that I am not the same person that I was; however, I am still trying to become something and learn to become a good role model for my daughters. Many days I know that I am not helping them grow to their full potential. My daughters are both amazing and beautiful girls and I want them to be what I never could be. This year is the year I chose to make a difference in my own life as well as my girls' lives!


I am very thankful for this site. When I was a teenager, I was ridiculed at school for being skinny and flat. I was also a very thoughtful and reflective girl who didn't fit the world's mold and I was not popular. I was often depressed, even thought of checking out of this world. Then I realized that would allow the world view to be the only view. Years later, when I came to know GOD, I saw me through HIS eyes, not judgmental or critical. I realized that GOD has created me to be who I AM!!

 When I had cancer, I had decided to get a mastectomy without any hesitation. I have several scars all over my body, but I still see me as a viable and worthy human being. I never submit to worldly fashions or style. I like being comfortable in my own skin!! I like who I see in the mirror and I know that this is how GOD sees me. I DON'T try to please any man, ONLY THE GOD WHO LOVES ME, and THAT has made all the difference in my HAPPINESS. ALL GIRLS and WOMEN are MUCH MORE than their bodies...they are compassionate hearts, intelligent brains, and creative spirits. I AM VERY PROUD TO BE A WOMAN!!

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