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I believe that a what makes someone beautiful is not their looks. They don't have to have the sleekest hair, the brightest eyes, the straightest teeth, or the most graceful walk. It doesn't matter what you look like, it matters how you act. Sure, you can be gorgeous on the outside, but a cruel and unkind person inside. Or, you can be plain on the outside, and have kind and caring and loving heart. To me, that is what being beautiful means.


I took the pledge and I agree with everything it says. Girls, I am 12 and I want to be filled with integrity. You are better than making bad choices that you will later regret. I want you to make a pledge and become an integrity-filled-person. Be who you want to be, and I promise that if you do what is right, you will be you. Stand up for what you believe in and believe that GOD has made you a beautiful girl for a reason!

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