SIGN The Petition

A Call to Leaders in the Entertainment and Media Industries.

Give us media images that respect, empower and promote the true value of Every Girl

The 4 Every Girl campaign is calling on entertainment and media industry leaders to create an environment where young girls feel valued and are defined by healthy media images of themselves.

We envision a time in the very near future when all forms of media – especially television, films, magazines and advertising – will honor the intrinsic value of every girl. We are working to make that vision a reality!

The American Psychological Association reports that the three most common mental health problems for girls – eating disorders, depression and low self-esteem – are linked to the sexualization of girls and women in media.

The prevalence of sexualized media images is having a devastating impact on generations of girls and young women:

We are demanding that media producers and distributors alike address this call. Therefore we the undersigned call on you to:

1) Reduce sexualized depictions of girls and young women on screen and in print.

2) Reduce sexualizing messages in advertising and in product merchandising.

3) Provide more visibility to non-sexualizing plots and storylines involving girls and young women.

4) Create more non-sexualized female role-models in advertising and entertainment programming.

By signing the 4 Every Girl petition, I lend my voice to this urgent call for a media environment that honors and respects the true value of Every Girl.