So Today

Charles BoGray  

So today's adventure with my daughter was very interesting in a way I didn't expect. I thought I would take her to the mall and we could shop for a few spring dresses. Now please understand, going shopping with someone for me, says "I love you" like nothing else. So here we go – Claire's, Justice, Journeys, Forever 21- all those fancy places that reach out and grab Daddy's little girl. We did all the cool things like hold hands through the mall, talked about the social craziness at school, laughed while eating lunch. But the thing that got me thinking was that when we were picking out that special dress, my daughter was looking at this one and that one and liked this one and not that one - believe me I was in a whirl wind. After all the hoopla, I found myself amazed that this beautiful child of mine had her own taste and sense of style. I thought to myself "Wow! I think I'm just gonna sit back and watch". Let me just say, I learned so many things about my daughter in that short shopping spree. I had no idea she preferred certain styles and colors, shoulders covered vs. spaghetti straps, skirts at the knees as opposed to above them, and the list goes on. My question was, "How did she get this way"? I may never know. I do know this - I was amazed at her character, confidence, and her own sense of who she is. I thought I was doing the cool Daddy Date Night thing, but I ended up getting a lesson about what this little lady is all about. Today's life lesson for me is...However I can relate to this little love of my life, even if it means going shopping, I'll Do It!