Change the World Around You

Here are a few ways you can help:

Take the pledge

Every time someone takes the pledge, it is another voice added to a global conversation. It is another connection from one girl to millions of others. It is a statement of our strength and our determination to be more than a face or a body image. It is your first step towards becoming a heroine for yourself and 4 every girl. Click here to take the pledge.

Tell a friend

Don't let this website be your secret! Tell your friends and family about 4 Every Girl. The more people that sign the petition the stronger our voice and the sooner we will see positive change. Share with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Be an example

The most powerful statement you will ever make is the one you make with your own personal choices. Let the pledge become your guide. For fathers, let it be a guide to your daughters; for sons and brothers let it be a guide to your sisters, for mothers and daughters let it not only represent what you want for yourself, but also what you want to be for others

Share what inspires you

Share great examples of what shows the true value of every girl. It may be a quote, film, article, family tradition, or wonderful personal story. The goal is to take what inspires you and pass it on!

Submit written voices

Sometimes there's nothing more powerful than the written word. We would love to hear from you! Once a month 4 Every Girl will read the submitted writings and post them in the "Voices" section of the website. We invite girls and women of all ages to write on a topic related to the 4 Every Girl campaign. Click on one of the following links to submit your thoughts in 300 words or less:  For a parent | For a girl.

Start a 4 Every Girl secret pen pal week

As a secret pen pal, you will leave an anonymous encouraging note everyday for someone you know. This will occur over a period of 4 days. At the end of the week, on the 5th day the pen pals are revealed. The notes can acknowledge something wonderful you see in them, acknowledge something positive you heard them say, or point out something empowering you saw them do. Praise intellect, creativity, effort, hard work and character. Basically, you can write anything that advances our conversations beyond appearance, is encouraging, and recognizes the true value of every girl.

Other Ways You Can Make A Difference